Box Turtle Heating Options

Box turtles regulate their body temperatures by moving between warmer and cooler areas of their homes. So they need a nice hot basking area where they can warm up , as well as someplace to cool down.

In general, you can create a temperature gradient by putting the basking area at one end of the habitat and leaving the other side unheated. You may need another, less hot bulb between the two sides, depending on the size of the habitat.

Heat lamps can provide just heat or heat and light (visible). A few bulbs can also provide UV light along with heat (we don’t have any reviews of those yet, but they’re coming!).

Here are the reviews we currently have up:

Heat OnlyHeat & LightHeating Accessories
Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitter – Provide heat without light. Perfect for overnight use.
Zoo Med Repti Basking Spot Lamp – provides a focused area of higher heat so your box turtle can bask.

Zoo Med PowerSun UV Bulb – A mercury vapor lamp that does it all: Supplies heat, light and UV rays (UVA and UVB).

Zoo Med Night Light Red Heat Bulb – Provide overnight heat with a red bulb that won’t disrupt her day/night cycle.

Zoo Med Nocturnal IR Heat Lamp – A basking lamp without the bright light of other basking bulbs. Great for overnight use if needed.

Zoo Med ReptiHalogen Bulb – A basking lamp to provide a nice hot spot for your pet to enjoy. It also provides UVA rays, but not UVB.

ReptiTemp 500R Thermostat – Automatic temperature control. Just set it and forget it.

ReptiTemp Digital Infrared Thermometer – Simple to use handheld thermometer helps you make sure your pet has a nice temperature gradient in his home.

Zoo Med Digital Thermometer – The easy-to-read digital display and 3-foot cord make it simple to monitor the temperature in your boxie’s habitat.

Zoo Med Analog Reptile Thermometer – An easy-to-read way to keep an eye on the temperature in your pet’s home.

Zoo Med Thermometer & Humidity Gauge – A simple way to keep an eye on both temperature and humidity in your boxie’s home.

ReptiTemp Rheostat – Offers better temperature control than a thermostat.

Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand – Hang your pet’s heat & light sources safely above his home.

Zoo Med Deep Dome Lamp Fixture – This deep dome with reflective coating completely covers the bulb and helps direct more heat right where you aim it.

Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture – A smaller version of the deep dome fixture, it has the same reflective coating and a dome long enough to cover mini compact fluorescent bulbs.

Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp Fixture – The open design of this lamp fixture makes it ideal for high-heat bulbs, which can overheat dome-style fixtures.

Zoo Med Deluxe Porcelain Clamp Lamp – A dome lamp fixture with a porcelain socket. It clamps to your pet’s habitat or other sturdy object.


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