Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture Review

Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture

Zoo Med’s Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture completely covers bulbs, for better safety and appearance. Its polished interior reflects light and heat right where you want it. And the on/off switch on the cord offers convenient control.

You can buy a single dome, if you only need one bulb. Or get the combo dome for using two bulbs right next to each other.

It has a ceramic socket for safety and can handle bulbs up to 100 watts.

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What It Is

The mini deep dome lamp fixture is a smaller version of the Deep Dome Fixture.

Like the full-size deep dome, this mini version has a ceramic socket and a long dome (5-1/2 inches) that can completely cover the bulb. A covered bulb is safer, because you don’t have a hot bulb sticking out the end. It also looks nicer.

The mini dome is rated for bulbs up to 100 watts.

The outside of the dome is painted black.

The interior of the dome is polished aluminum, which reflects more heat and light (including UV) compared to other domes, so more gets to your pet. It also helps focus the area of heat to right below the lamp.

The cord has a polarized plug (it only fits in the outlet one way) and an on/off switch.

This lamp fixture comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Ease of Use & Safety Tips for the Mini Deep Dome

It’s a lamp fixture, so it’s pretty simple to use!

The on/off switch on the cord is nice if you don’t have it attached to a timer. Much easier than constantly plugging it in and unplugging it. Especially if your outlet is not easy to get at.

And it has a hanger so you can safely hang the lamp instead of setting it on top of the habitat. If you need a place to hang it, consider the Reptile Lamp Stand, also from Zoo Med.

But there are a few things to keep in mind about this dome lamp fixture:

  • Remember it’s only rated for bulbs up to 100 watts. Using larger ones could be dangerous.
  • Although the online store descriptions don’t always say it, you’re not supposed to use ceramic heat emitters in it. Not even one that’s 100 watts or less. This information is on the box.
  • Zoo Med’s regular compact fluorescent bulbs will stick out of this dome (remember, it’s the mini!). But the mini compact fluorescents fit beautifully.
  • Other manufacturer’s compact fluorescent bulbs may or may not fit in it.
  • If you set it on top of your habitat, be aware that some reviewers have found the weight of the cord can pull it over if you bump the habitat. (It should not tip on its own).

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Single Mini Deep Dome or Mini Combo Deep Dome?

The mini deep dome comes as a single dome or two attached domes (combo). Which one you need will depend on how you’re setting up your habitat.

If you plan to have two bulbs at the same end of the habitat, the combo might make sense. For example, you might have two heat bulbs, a white light one for daytime and a red light for nighttime.

You can put both bulbs in the combo deep dome and just turn on the one you need at any given time. This works because each socket has its own cord and on/off switch. That way you’re not constantly handling/moving the bulbs, which can shorten their life.

Some reviewers found the combo a bit bulky, but it seems that it would still take up less space than two separate fixtures hanging right next to each other. It’s 11 inches wide and 7 inches tall (each dome is still 5-1/2 inches long, the same as the single mini dome).

Each socket of the combo can handle bulbs up to 100 watts.

Some reviewers commented that the combo dome can be unbalanced if the weights of the bulbs are too different. This can affect both how well it sits on top of a habitat and whether it hangs straight down on a lamp stand.

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Pros & Cons Summary

Most reviewers were quite happy with this product. You do need to make sure you’re using the right bulbs (lamps) though, because some will be too long for this dome.

Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome


Depending on what bulb you want to use, it’s possible you need the regular Deep Dome Lamp Fixture instead.

zoo med mini deep dome prosPros:

  • Hanger makes it easy to hang dome safely above habitat
  • Long dome covers bulb completely (as long as you use the right bulbs)
  • On/off switch on the cord offers easy control
  • Each socket of the combo dome has its own cord and on/off switch, so you can control them independently of each other
  • Black exterior works with any décor
  • Polished aluminum interior helps reflect more light and heat into the habitat, where it belongs

zoo med mini deep dome consCons:

  • Weight of cord could pull over dome sitting on top of habitat if it gets bumped
  • Combo mini deep dome may be unbalanced if bulbs are different weights
  • Not for use with ceramic heat emitters
  • Have to be sure you get the mini-compact fluorescent bulbs (regular ones will stick out)

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Where You Can Buy a Mini Deep Dome

Think this lamp fixture will work for you box turtle’s home? Here are some popular retailers that sell it.

But not all sellers carry both the single and the combo versions, so depending on what you need:

You can find the single mini deep dome at Amazon.

The combo mini deep dome fixture was in stock at these retailers when we visited:


You may also want to browse these options:

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