Zoo Med ReptiHalogen Bulb Review

ReptiHalogen bulb from Zoo Med

The ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp from Zoo Med is made specifically to use with reptiles. It provides the heat your box turtle needs, along with UVA rays that stimulate feeding and breeding.

The bright white light makes him look more vibrant, too. So you’ll both be happier!

The bulbs are delicate, but with careful handling (actually as little handling as possible), they can last up to a year.

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Light & Heat Output of the ReptiHalogen Heat Bulb

This bulb comes in 4 strengths:

  • 50 watts
  • 75 watts
  • 100 watts
  • 150 watts

Each bulb puts out more heat, visible light and UVA rays than other reptile basking lamps of the same size.

The size you need will depend on the size of your habitat and how far away you will be putting it.

Although it’s a basking lamp, not a general heat lamp, some of the heat does spread out to the sides. So in a smaller habitat a bigger bulb could easily make it too hot.

Remember, box turtles don’t need as much heat as some other reptiles. You want the cool side to be down around 70 F. And the basking spot around 85 F.

You can use a rheostat or thermostat to adjust the amount of heat it gives off.

This bulb does not give off UVB rays, but it does emit UVA, which are also important for reptiles. These rays seem to affect mental health and possibly how reptiles see the world.

The visible light is crisp and bright white, increasing your viewing pleasure, too.

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ReptiHalogen Heat Lamp Life Expectancy

Halogen bulbs are supposed to last longer than regular incandescent bulbs. And they can. When handled carefully, this bulb can last 2,000 to 3,000 hours. At 8 hours per day, it should last up to about a year.

But these bulbs are also more delicate than regular incandescents. So they’re also more likely to burn out prematurely. Many reviewers have had multiple bulbs burn out within just a few weeks or months.

But many other reviewers are very happy with the bulbs. Theirs have lasted at least 6 months and many a full year without any trouble.
Zoo Med’s warranty on this bulb is for 6 months. If a bulb does fail sooner, the company will replace it. So although it’s a hassle, you’re not out the money you paid for it.

Some websites state the guarantee is for a full year. But as of this writing, the Zoo Med website says 6 months.

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Helpful Tips for Making it Last Longer

There are ways to make it more likely they’ll keep working:

  • Don’t move them around
  • Make sure they’re not in a spot where they’re likely to get bumped
  • Use in a fixture with a ceramic socket
  • Make sure the bulb makes good contact with the metal tab in the center of the fixture (pull it up a little if necessary)
  • Don’t touch the bulb with bare fingers. Wear gloves or use a soft cloth to install it.
  • Don’t accidentally mist it while it’s turned on

Accidentally bumping or wetting the bulb while it’s turned on is especially likely to cause it to fail.

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Pros and Cons of the ReptiHalogen Heat Bulb

Zoo Med ReptiHalogen

Overall this seems to be a good but delicate bulb. Here are the things that jumped out at us about it.

zoo med reptihalogen bulb prosPros:

  • Provides a nice, hot basking area
  • Emits UVA to help with your box turtle’s mental health
  • Bright, crisp white light makes your pet look more vibrant

zoo med reptihalogen bulb consCons:

  • Delicate and prone to burn out early
  • Does not provide UVB

Also, we did see one scary review where someone claimed the bulb caught on fire. Apparently they were nowhere near it at the time, so it’s not clear from the review why this would have happened. We suspect this is one of those one-in-a-million occurrences, but thought you should know so you can make a fully informed decision about getting this bulb.

Check Prices and Availability

If you want to see how the ReptiHalogen bulb works for you and your reptile, these retailers had it in stock as of this writing:


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