Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp Fixture Review

Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp

The Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp fixture is just the thing for high heat emitting bulbs like ceramic heat emitters (CHEs).

The wire cage is safer for use with these bulbs than an enclosed dome. In fact, according to Zoo Med, this fixture is the only one UL rated for use with CHEs.

It has a ceramic socket, a clamp to hold it in place and an adjustable arm.

Zoo Med warrants this fixture for 1 year.

(Zoo Med item number LF-10)

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Why Use the Wire Cage Clamp Lamp Fixture

This fixture’s open design lets heat escape instead of building up in a closed dome. This improves safety when using with high-heat bulbs like ceramic heat emitters or mercury vapor bulbs. It helps prevent hand burns and possibly fires.

Of course, the trade-off for safety is that more heat escapes and is wasted. And bright incandescent bulbs may shine into the room more than you’d like. You’ll have to decide if this trade-off is one you’re willing to make.

This fixture is UL rated for use with ceramic heat emitters. It’s the only Zoo Med fixture with this rating.

High-heat bulbs also need a ceramic socket, which this fixture has. It can handle up to 150 watt bulbs.

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Ease of Use/Safety Tips for This Fixture

Well, it’s a lamp fixture, so you screw in the bulb, plug it in and turn it on. It has an on/off switch on the cord to make it even easier.

The power cord is six feet long, so you shouldn’t have any trouble positioning the fixture in a convenient spot and still being able to reach an outlet.

The clamp holds it onto the habitat or another stable object near the habitat. Some reviewers did feel that the clamp was not secure/strong enough. If you feel the same, hanging the fixture on something like the Zoo Med Reptile Lamp Stand (say through the clamp’s spring) while also clamping it to the stand may provide a little extra security. It may also take a little extra work on your part to get it positioned right.

The adjustable arm lets you point it in the direction you need it to go. The arm movement is somewhat limited, and some reviewers found they couldn’t position it quite the way they wanted it.

So using this fixture is generally pretty simple. But using it safely isn’t always quite that simple.

A few things to remember:

  • The socket is rated up to 150 watts. Don’t use anything bigger (most reptile bulbs don’t come bigger anyway).
  • Position it above the habitat, never inside it. If you can’t clamp it onto the habitat, use a lamp stand or something similar.
  • Like anything electrical, don’t use it in wet conditions.
  • It’s only for indoor habitat use. If you have an outdoor habitat, the sun should provide all the light and heat your boxie needs.
  • The plug is polarized. So it will only fit into the outlet one way. If you live in an older home where the outlets haven’t been converted and it won’t fit, don’t modify the plug. Have the outlet fixed.

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Pros & Cons of This Wire Cage Clamp Lamp Fixture

Zoo Med Wire Cage Clamp Lamp

Most reviewers seemed to feel that this clamp lamp met their needs reasonably well. It’s not perfect, but few things are. So you’ll need to decide if its pros outweigh its cons for your specific needs.
zoo med wire cage clamp lamp prosPros:

  • Doesn’t get as hot as closed domes
  • Deep wire cage completely encloses bulb
  • Long power cord
  • Convenient on/off switch on power cord
  • UL listed for use with ceramic heat emitters

zoo med wire cage clamp lamp consCons:

  • If using with basking or other bright bulbs, you may find it too bright
  • Arm has limited range of motion, so you may have trouble positioning it exactly how you want it
  • Clamp may not be strong enough to hold unit in place

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