Commercial Turtle Food for Your Box Turtle


Box Turtle Closeup

Box Turtle Closeup
Cropped version of photo by Audrey @ Flickr;
licensed under CC BY 2.0


A number of different manufacturers make some type of turtle food.

It’s not really necessary, but if you’re worried about making sure your box turtle’s diet is complete, these products can help. High-quality prepared turtle foods contain the right amount of protein and all the right vitamins and minerals.

You may still need to supplement calcium, depending on the food you use.

Just like dog and cat food, you can find box turtle food in both canned and dry forms. Some turtles may not want to eat the dry food. If that happens, wet it slightly. Your turtle might also prefer his pellets mixed with some fruits and/or vegetables (fresh or canned, like the Zoo Med Mix-ins).

Commercial box turtle foods made by companies that specialize in reptiles are your best bet:

Box turtle eating strawberry

  • Rep-Cal Box Turtle Food
  • T-Rex Box Turtle Food
  • Zoo Med Box Turtle Food


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