Turtle News Briefs, December 1, 2017

Posted on: 2017-12-01 10:30:46
Turtle News Briefs

Turtle News Briefs


Turtle news we found interesting this week.

U.S. turtle news is a bit light. But still interesting … from giant sea turtles in Kansas to a late nest on Juno beach. And lots of cold sea turtles getting warmed up and rehydrated.

In other parts of the world sea turtle nesting season has gotten underway, with hatching nests, hatchling releases, and some new protections. Other turtle species also get protection, and turtle smugglers get caught, among other stories.


Recent Box Turtle News

We didn’t find any new stories about box turtles this week. But we’re re-sharing this story from last week. Because it’s important to remember wild box turtles belong in the wild.

If you’re buying one, please make sure it’s not coming from a guy like this!

Probation & a fine for shipping box turtles across state lines: Byron Paul Pitre had more than 230 box turtles at his home, along with map turtles, Sulcata tortoises, and others. He had sold 3 of the box turtles (to an undercover agent … oops!) & shipped them to Texas. That shipment violated both federal law and Louisiana law.

Recent U. S. Turtle News

Lots of cold stranded sea turtles lately. 😢 But they’re getting the best care possible at rehab centers around the country. 💗

Also, one mama didn’t get the memo that sea turtle nesting season is over. Plus more.

Stranded olive ridley turtle recovering in rehab: She was cold and emaciated when campers discovered her on Thanksgiving. She’ll be staying at the Oregon Coast Aquarium for a while.

15 cold-stranded turtles in a week: The stranding season has just started, but these Kemp’s ridley sea turtles washed up on Cape Cod beaches within days of each other. They’re in good hands at the National Marine Life Center in Buzzards Bay. (Massachusetts)

And 30 more Kemp’s ridleys got to fly to Baltimore. Turtles Fly Too arranged their flight to the New England Aquarium’s sea turtle hospital.

Progress on turtle-friendly lighting on Pensacola Beach: In theory, all beachfront buildings must have turtle-friendly lights before the next nesting season starts in May.

Juno Beach’s last green sea turtle nest: Mama laid her nest really late this year! The nest was recorded November 2, two days after the official nesting season had ended. Experts think the nest will incubate until late January or so.

Giant sea turtles once roamed … Kansas?! Yep, Kansas wasn’t always flat prairie. Once upon a time it was covered by water. And the sea life was huge. Replicas of two of the marine monsters recently moved into the University of Kansas.



Recent International Turtle News

There’s too many sick sea turtles and other marine animals. 😢 But sea turtles are also getting more and more protections. And rehab facilities.

Meanwhile the world’s oldest tortoise may get more famous, Blanding’s turtle sanctuary gets bigger, and Peru’s yellow-spotted river turtle is in trouble. Plus more.

Number of sick marine animals rises: The seriously ill green sea turtle rescued recently is just one in a growing number of sea creatures needing help. Experts aren’t sure what’s causing this. (Australia)

140+ green sea turtles hatch at Siladen Resort: And of course, there’s video of the little sand-covered cuties spilling out of the nest & toddling toward the sea. 💗 (Indonesia)

Her first sea turtle hatchling release: On this trip to Cabo they got an ocean-front apartment. And happened to be on hand to witness the babies’ struggle to the sea. What a wonderful surprise!

Brand new rehab area for sea turtles: Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium has lots of new, revamped space dedicated to sea turtles. In addition to the interactive Turtle Rescue experience, the Turtle Bay area is opening in just a few days. Turtle Bay is where rescued turtles will go for their rehab. The lighting and temperature in this area is designed just for sea turtles. (New Zealand)

See Bruce dive! Baby Bruce couldn’t dive back in the spring. He had a wound on his shell. But with a little help from some human friends, he recently made his dive to freedom! Includes video. (Philippines)

Jonathan & friends are ready for visitors: Jonathan may be the oldest living land animal in the world at 185 (or more!). He and 3 younger tortoises live in the St. Helena governor’s garden. The island finally has commercial air service, and visitors may come see (but not touch!) the tortoises.

3000 turtles stopped at the border: Libyan security foiled an attempt to smuggle the animals into Egypt.

Green turtles get their very own ‘turtle corridor’: The goal is to connect the Marine Protected Areas in the Coral Triangle. This marine area includes waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, among others. This can hopefully offer better protection to the turtles.

Green sea turtles help keep the oceans healthy: How? They’re gardeners! Well, indirectly anyway. These turtle are vegetarians, and when they dine on sea grasses, they keep them pruned & healthy. Just another example of how life is all intertwined!

Blanding’s turtles get more space: 45 hectares of land in Lunenburg County has been donated to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. The trust plans to add it to its Barren Meadow Blanding’s turtle sanctuary.

Saving the yellow-spotted river turtle in Peru: Sadly their eggs are considered a delicacy, and they can fetch a high price. So there are always people willing to sell (and buy) them.

Sea turtles help Dubai celebrate UAE National Day: The 13 turtles had all been rehabilitated by the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project (DTRP). On Wednesday they went back to the sea, some with satellite tags to track them on their journey.

One more reason to visit Bora Bora: Le Meridien Bora Bora. This luxury resort pampers humans and sea turtles, alike! Of course, the turtles aren’t there for relaxation. They’re there for rehab. And you get to watch their morning feeding. Then swim with (some of) them in the afternoon!


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