Turtle News Briefs, December 29, 2017

Posted on: 2017-12-29 10:30:10
Turtle News Briefs

Turtle News Briefs


Can you believe it? 2017 is just about over. We want to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy New Year.

And present a rather short Turtle News Briefs for the end of 2017.

Everybody’s still talking about the turtle busted for cocaine smuggling. And of course, the cute little turtles crawling on treadmills for science.

But we also found Santa promoting sea turtle conservation; the end of an era in Manly, NSW Australia; and late-hatching snapping turtles, among other stories.


Recent U. S. Turtle News

It’s almost New Year’s Eve! If you can’t make it to midnight, the Maritime Aquarium’s got the right idea.

Also, baby snapping turtles make a late appearance, sea turtles get a huge send-off and (just a few) more.

It’s a Countdown to Noon New Year’s Eve party: Kids don’t have to miss out on New Year’s countdown fun. The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk will be celebrating early with lots of kid-friendly fun. Admission includes a visit to the new Sea Turtle Nursery exhibit!

Baby snapping turtles in December? Yep, it’s true! The eggs probably got laid late, and unseasonable warmth allowed some of them to incubate and hatch successfully. 💗 (New York)

Reusable restaurant to-go kits? Sign us up! The Brevard Zoo’s Women of the Wild networking group has created a kit with a food container, utensils (even chopsticks!), straw (plus cleaning brush), and napkin. All reusable. Every time you use it, you help keep sea turtles & other wildlife safer! Proceeds from the kit go to the zoo’s conservation programs. These kits look to be available only to people who can pick them up from the zoo. But nothing’s stopping us from creating our own kits for ourselves!

Huge crowd send 2 sea turtles home: About 700 people showed up to wish Brother Kenny and Brieanna well as they returned to the sea. (Florida)

Increasing the number of accidental sea turtle deaths allowed … isn’t allowed: 💗 The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled December 26. (Hawaii)



Recent International Turtle News

Sea turtle nesting season is underway in many parts of the world. It’s getting a late start a few places, but conservationists are ready whenever the turtles are.

Meanwhile, a teen in Canada is helping sea turtles in Mexico, an endangered turtle in Australia finally gets much-deserved attention, and Santa loves sea turtles. Plus more.

Protecting El Salvador’s turtles: The Mangrove Association is showing grassroots conservation works. And can work very well. Its allies are passionate about the mission.

Is that balloon really worth a turtle’s life? This turtle was lucky; a swimmer got the string unwrapped from its neck. But many aren’t so lucky. If you must have balloons, please don’t just let them go. A turtle’s life may depend on it!

Less nesting habitat for sea turtles in Dhanushkodi area: A new road, along with a retaining wall, has reduced the amount of dry sand available for nesting. Some turtles have resorted to laying in wet sand. And at least one climbed over the wall to nest in hard dirt. (India)

More dead sea turtles isn’t all bad? Well, no, according to local conservationists. It’s sad for the dead animals, of course. And distressing to see. But it’s also a sign that more sea turtles are coming to nest in the area. We hope that’s true. (Andhra Pradesh state, India)

Santa wants you to save the sea turtles! Santa appeared on a jet ski with a sign saying Save Turtle! Save Ocean. So if you want to make Santa’s Nice list next year, do that! Includes video. (Odisha, India)

Marine life and human visitors losing a longtime friend: The Manly Sea Life Sanctuary is closing at the end of January 2018. 🙁 But all of its residents already have new homes lined up. (New South Wales, Australia)

Herbal treatments for sea turtle wounds: The turtles do get antibiotic shots, but some also get turmeric & aloe applied to their wounds to promote healing.

Passion for a turtle? But of course! If you’re reading this you probably understand. The turtle in question is the Manning River Helmeted Turtle. The person with passion is journalist Julia Driscoll, who only recently discovered this endangered turtle existed. She decided to make sure others learn about it too. 💗 (New South Wales, Australia)

Waiting on the sea turtles: Nesting season is starting a bit late on Chevakkad coast. But conservationists are waiting to protect the turtles and their eggs when they do arrive.

Missile testing or sea turtles? The Defence Research Development Organisation says sea turtles. The organisation is turning off bright lights and limiting testing to help protect the turtles. (India)

Edmonton teen collects recyclables to help Mexican sea turtles: He gets about $500 per year for his efforts. All the money goes to AMA Mexico.

See you in 2018!  🐢  💚 🐢


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